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Legacy Arabians Riding Lessons

Leagacy Arabians has long been a leader in teaching equestrian riding skills. Our students have a proven track record, many winning thousands of dollars in prizes, saddles and various tack and monetary awards. We are especially proud of our students that have gone on to win so much, that they have paid for their entire college education with scholarship winnings! Several of our students have been selected to ride at the college level and have been on their university equestrian teams.

We have built our arenas with safety and teaching as our goals. We offer three different arenas, each allowing containment of the rider until their skills mature. We start with our 90 foot round indoor arena, which we use for our youngest equestrians. This arena is also used to teach high level advanced skills allowing for close instruction and evaluation of preforming the correct skills. Our indoor arena allows us to teach, even when the weather is not ideal.

As our student advances, they learn to handle our medium size arena, and finally our full size arena.
We offer instruction to our boarding clients as well as to the approved general public. Beginning riders must start in private lessons. As our students skills improve, they can then move to group lessons.

We have highly trained riding instructors...of the four legged kind. Our riding lesson horses are all current or retired show horses. This is the reason behind our success. Each lesson horse is a many time champion in the show ring. Even though these horses are extremely expensive for use to provide, they teach our riders so quickly and maximize each riders success. How can our riders learn a skill if the horse doesn’t know it already? This is the secret to our success. Trained winning show horses are wonderful teachers for our students. Our youth program has produced to many champions to list, but at last count, our riders had won over 200 national titles, including National Championships. 

Private lessons start at $55 per hour.
Group lessons start at $45 per hour.

Before You Ride  - Basic Requirements

All riders must fill out both the Medical Information Form and Release & Waiver of Liability  forms and have them signed (if rider not over 18, then a parent or legal guardian should sign) before riding at Legacy Arabians. Updates to the two forms including contact information and health insurance should be provided annually to ensure proper communication in case of an emergency. To provide the maximum safety for riders, we require ASTM/SEI certified helmets with a harness and shoes with a distinguishable heel. Legacy Arabians' regulations forbid non-professional riders from jumping without the supervision of an instructor. It is also recommended that all riders, owners and parent read the posted Code of Conduct procedures for Legacy Arabians.

Horse Boarding at Legacy Arabians

Full service boarding is available and is currently $525.00 per month.

This service to include:

Daily stall cleaning
Turnout as weather permits
Feeding twice daily
Routine night check
Fresh stable bedding
Use of arenas and paddocks

In addition to the standard sevices available in monthly boarding fees, additional fee based services include body clipping, show clip (ears bridal path and muzzle) call ahead tacking and untacking, leg wrapping, bandage changes for sore legs and tendons, groom to cool down and bathe. Please contact the barn manager to allow us to accommodate your requests.

Full Service Conditioning Board $675.00 per month

This service to include:

All services listed above in full service boarding.
Four times a week conditioning, by either bitting and lounging, longlining, or excersise by light riding at the owners request. 

This program is ideal for resting show horses that still need to maintain top show shape and condition. Injured horses that need to get back into shape also excel in this program. This program is designed for finished horses that have completed training.

Full Training at Legacy Arabians $750.00 per month

Please contact for availability and specific requirements.