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Legacy Tangled Gold
​     2010 Palomino Pinto 

Registered ASHA (Saddlebred). This very rare Palomino Pinto 2010 mare is a daughter of CA Ivory Gold – you can search for months and only find a handful of these pinto dilute Saddlebreds. She’s a great mover, could easily show in the English divisions. She is a wonderful, loving mother. She is very trained and safe to ride as the video shows. Her pedigree reads like “who’s who” with great horses in it like Spotz Sensation and CA Ivory Gold, she’s an amazing producer. It is very difficult to find a great minded beautiful Saddlebred, that has all the color and she’s a beautifully trained mare. $6500.00

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Legacy Burnin Flame

Legacy Burnin Flame - 2007 gelding-registered Half Arabian 1A366481 sired by MULTI NATIONAL CHAMPION FLAME ISON (Mi Tosk) dam is a ASHA Mare Why Not Diamonds (The Manipulator) National Champion Producer. Sweepstakes nominated. TOP 5 open Country 2013-Top 10 US NATIONALS!! BURNIE is a serious contender for the roses. He has already been named TOP 10 in the US NATIONAL English Pleasure Futurity. He trots into the ring-and you can literally hear the crowd inhale. He's 17 hands of trotting machine. He's square- at least level or higher and he never drops an ear! He's a beautiful creature to behold. 

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Shez Dancin' In The Dark

HOMOZYGOUS BLACK AND WHITE PINTO Saddlebred Mare! This mare is a great broodmare and producer. She has produced numerous Homozygous babies and would be a great addition to any breeding program. 1000.00

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Legacy Luck Be A Lady

This is an exquisite 2013 half arabian, chestnut filly sired by multi National Champion Flame IsOn . She is a head hunters dream. I adore her sweet personality and she is destined to be a great Arabian. She's so talented, I feel she could do it all in either the western divisions or hunter. Her mother is a stunning Palomino mare that has already produced a Regional Halter winner. This filly has the talent temperament and looks to take any amateur to the winners circle. Registered 1A374328 DOB 04/19/2012 SWEEPSTAKES nominated! $1,200.00

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QH Calypso Bay
(Now for Sale: 1500.00)

We are thrilled to add Calypso to our Stallions at Stud for Legacy Arabians. Calypso is a homozygous pinto, and will produce a pinto foal to every mare he breeds to. Even solid mares will produce a pinto foal. Calypso is sweepstakes nominated and national show horse nominated. He stands 16 hands and has an exquisite head and extremely long, shapely neck. 

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Legacy Dark Night Rising

This is a stunning colt. I would normally NEVER sell this stunning boy, but I have an identical stallion! So I really can let him go! Gentle, sweet and well handled. What a future National caliber stallion!!

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Legacy Bucking Gorgeous

2012 Mare Buckskin Pinto Mare. This filly stops all who see her their tracks! How often do you see a buckskin pinto fill? She is a huge filly that is just now 2 years old and is already 15 hands and started in training. She has shown us to be a calm, easy filly with a laid back temperament. Her sire is a Champion Halter Black Arabian Stallion named Midnite Pleasure L and it's easy to see where he beauty has come from. This filly will excel in all she does as she's just a great mannered, kind filly. She easily loads, clips and bathes and is wearing tack now. This filly is truly a treasure. 

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Legacy Fire Dammage

Available for purchase! This is a huge 2012 Arabian Colt that has national champion written all over him. He's just now 2 years old and we have started him in training. He is 15 hands now and should mature at 15.3 hands. He is sired by multinational champion Flame IsON and his dam is a mamage daughter. Quality breeding like this is so hard to find! He has serious trotting lines on both sire & dam. These are National lines to Mi Tosk and Mamage up close in his pedigree. "Fire"  has been handled all his life and is an easy colt to be around. It has great manners and as pinto's show you he bathes, clips and easily feeds. What a great horse this is! Buy him before you have to show against him! 7500.00. 

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Legacy American Gold - aka "Hero"

Hero is a deep Palomino - Looks like polished gold. He's just absolutely breathtaking. He is a registered 2 year old 1/2 Arabian that has been handled since birth. He is not only beautiful to look at, but he's a great mover as well. Easy to tell that this horse is a shoe-in for the National Futurities. He has been started undersaddle for a couple of weeks and then we are ground working him till he is older and will ride him again in the fall. The man riding him is 6'4'', so Hero is a big boy for a two year old. He is sired by National Champion Flame is On (See our breeding page) 5500.00

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Pyros Darling SA

Wow, what a find! Gorgeous 2007 Black Purebred Arabian Mare sired by National Champion Pyro Thyme SA and out of a Desperado V daughter. Pyro Thyme SA has won too many titles to list but most importantly "Unanimous US National Champion Sr. Stallion." It is impossible to find gorgeous lack mares that have this amazing quality and bloodlines. Darling is just as her name implies. She gave us a Darling 2013 filly and she's a great mother and easy breeder.

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Southern Charm OH

Charm is a lovely easy mare to ride and show. She is a consistent winner in the show ring. I love that this mare is calm and easy going. She will go for an easy pleasure ride out on the farm but she's a serious competitor in the show ring. She's the kind of mare that will go easily around the ring for a beginning rider, but if you ask her to step up and give what is needed to win, she always responds. She's so strong moving, she could be shown English pleasure, yet she has a nice flat-footed walk. She has won a lot, but recently has won Top 5 in Showhack. She shows all divisions of Country with a deep field of great horses. She has been shown by children and amateurs. Charm is honest, sane, safe, and sound. She is in show shape and ready to show for you.​ -$8500.00

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Legacy Silk Nitey

Legacy Silk Nitey is a registered purebred and is a 2011, 3 year old Homozygous Black Filly. Sired by Mystic Jamal. She is as loving kind as she can be. She will be a fabulous mother and she will produce only Black foals when bred to Black! we are training her now. The man sitting on her is 6'4''. She's a beautiful filly and both parents are over 15 hands, so she will be as well. We will be posting her "glamour pictures soon. Exotic, gorgeous filly - 15,000.00 

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Prime Time Buckskin Colt

2014 Registered 1/2 Arabian Buckskin Colt sired by saddlebred CA Ivory Gold. What an exotic Arabian this stunning colt is!  His mother is "Afire Thyme" and she is a duaghter of National Champion Pryme Thyme. We can already see National Champion written all over this exquisite colt. Loot at her beautiful head and neck. Additionally, he is a great mover! His gorgeous buckskin color will certainly get everyone's attention in the show ring! Buy him before you have to show against him! 4500.00

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Legacy Bulgari
2014 Registered H/A Colt

This colt is powerful and beautiful. He's going to be huge. His mother is a 15 hand mamage daughter. He is sired by CA Ivory Gold. He is pending registration, but will be registrered 1/2 Arabian. This colt is so large he looks like a yearling. He is going to be a deep palomino colors and powerful mover. He should be one of the first Palomino English Horses that will be national caliber. I ove his dishy head that is accentuated by his blaze and white stockings. He's the easy pick with his standout color. 4500.00

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Buckskin Pinto Filly #2

(Description to come)

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Dripping Gorgeous - pending
Buckskin Pinto Filly

Dripping gorgeous buckskin pinto 1/2 arabian filly. I don't think I have ever seen a prettier 1/2 arabian! Her spots look like they are painted on! This filly stops traffic! She is born in April 2014. Again - extremely rare filly that will grow up to be very valuable in both the show arena and as a producer for your future foals.

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Kiss the Cowboy
2014 ​Perlino Filly 

Kiss the Cowboy is a very rare creature! Every foal this filly has whe she grows upwill be either bucksin or palomino no matter who she is bred to, every single baby she has! Additionally - 50% of her foals will be ppinto - I don't know of a handful of these horses with this genetic code in the entire world. She is an Arabian and Saddle bred cross and is sired by CA Ivory God. 

Private treaty.

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Lilith D.
(Sundace Kid V x Blaque Lace)

Registered homozygous black Sundace Kid V's daughter. Hottest western producers in the country. You could shop for months and never find such a great broodmare. Every foul this mare has had for me has brought top dollar. She is currently in foal to Midnite Pleasure (see our breeding page). Foal will be guaranteed black. She is a great mother and is easy to get in foal. Many great foals left in this rare mare. D.O.B 1998. We will sell her in foal now or after she foals - whichever you prefer.

Private treaty
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Forget The Romance
2012 Registered H/A Stallion
Wow is all I can say when I watch this amazing 2 year old registered ½ Arabian colt! He is dripping gorgeous & such quality. His beautiful color is just the icing on the cake. "Romeo" is already 15 hands tall and is started in training. He shows us a quiet easy temperament and seems very calm and well mannered. He handles all new things with the confidence of an older horse. Just a beautiful colt that was born naturally great! His sire "What it Takes" is a season show winner. He has won National Champion Reining 2 times! His dam Fancy Romance is a stunning black and white homozygous pinto that has already produced a world champion. "Romeo" is definitely destined to win in the Ring and as a breeding stallion. So rare to find quality color & amazing temperament all in one package. This is truly a great colt! Sweepstakes nominated. 8500.00
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Legacy Graced by Gold 2014 Filly - 1/2 Arabian
You can tell by these pictures that this gorgeous golden girl is special. She wll be dark dark gold. Rarely do you see palominos that are born this dark. they will darken over a couple of years. This filly is out of Legacy Walkin on Sunshine and "Sunny" is a top 5 halter mare. Filly will easily follow in her mother's footsteps! She's going to be a huge filly. This filly is a great mover and should be able to win in any division that you wish to show her in. She is truly a treasure and a wonderful sweet filly that just drips quality. $6000.00

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2013 Palomino Half Arabian
(Fire & Gold)
Oh my. Look at this beautiful registered Half Arabian Palomino Colt. He is dripping with quality. He is sired by National Champion Flame Is On and out of a gorgeous saddle bred mare. This is going to be one big boy. He is already almost 15 hands as a yearling. He is very sweet natured and easy to work with. He loads in a trailer, and bathes and is halter trained. I absolutely love his deep gold color and it will darken even more as he grows older. Please look at our facebook page for more info. 5900.00

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Prymes Sugarthyme SA - 2010 Filly
Pryme Thyme x Simonne (DS Major AFire)

This filly is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! Watch the video until the end.. This is a wonderful filly that has been under saddle for about 7 months and she is almost ready to go to a show. She shows a LOT of trot and such a great easy attitude. She is sired by national Champion Pryme thyme and out of DS MAJOR AFIRE daughter..She is bred to move and look gorgeous doing it! She is available for purchase with more information at 

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Legacy Little Red Corvette
Little Red Corvette – Pending H/A Filly

Absolutely stunning 2014 H/A Filly sired by National Champion FlameISON. What a sporty filly this future super star is. She’s absolutely gorgeous! I love her beautiful head and long shapely neck. She’s a great minded filly that is destined for a great future. Beautiful mover. This girl will take you places. Grab her now before you have to compete against her! $1500

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​Tall Dark and Handsome 2013
 Sired by World Champion Nutcrackers Nirvana

​What a gorgeous young saddlebred colt, with a pedigree that reads like "Who's Who! He is sired by one of the hottest Saddlebred stallions in the country and is out of a fantastic producing mare by THE MANIPULATOR! Legacy Tall Dark and Handsome is such a gentle and sweet stallion. Very easy to work with. He already loads bathes, clips and wears equipment..Its 102 in Texas when we are making the video, but you can see what a dynamic young stud this boy will be! Born in 2013, he will begin his show career in another year! This is a sure winner and we are thrilled to show him to you. Inquire for price.

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Rain Crystal Purebred Arabian mare March 2006

Wow is all I can say when I ride this lovely mare! She's just a pleasure to ride and is a lot of fun..She has a pedigree that reads like who's who! Sired by National Champion JDM RAIN DANCE+// and out of a TOP Varian Mare Autumn Blaze V

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2008 Avatar Moon Storm

This Dripping gorgeous purebred Arabian gelding is such a showstopper! I Love his flashy four white feet and wide blaze with a flaxen mane. He’s just absolutely gorgeous! He’s a quality Arabian with huge soft eyes, typey head, and the perfect archy neck. He’s a big boy, stands 15.1 hands and he’s an absolute love!
He’s doing great undersaddle. He has been to one large show and he was named champion in a deep field of hunters. He has been first or second in every class shown. He’s such a king and levelheaded Arabian. He is bold moving and is unusually striking in the show ring with all his white. This is a one of a kind horse! He’s sweepstakes nominated and in show shape and ready to win for you.
He would also be great as an endurance Arabian as he has the size, bone, and substance to be a serious winner. Great minded young Arabian! $6500.00

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MRF Sunsation

If you want a horse that stands out in a crowd then look no further because Sunsation is a showstopper! He is only 2 years old, but is already 15.2 hands and has the most gorgeous color I have ever seen! He is a deep gold palomino and he is homozygous Pinto! This means every goal he produces will be spotted even when bred to solid mares. Sonny has the best temperament. You would never know that he is a stallion. He is that gentle. He has been ridden gently undersaddle for several months and is safe to ride. He really is an easy smooth ride and I just love the effortless way he rides and moves. It’s almost impossible to find a horse that has all the best qualities. Sonny is that horse. He is truly one of a kind! Registered ASHA. $15000.00

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Mustang Sally
Purebred Arabian & 2009 Sweepstakes Nominated bay mare

Mustang Sally was born and bred to be the lovely high trotting English or county horse that she is! She has only been shown a few times and she has already won her first blue ribbon and has been a Region 16 Top 5 Jr Horse. Sally is in show shape and ready to go. She has the most gorgeous long tail! She is a powerful moving, fancy trotting mare that will be certain to take her new owner to the winners circle! Sally is Sired by one of the Top Arabian Stallions of all time AFire Bey V and out of a top mare Destiny Bey V, she has a pedigree that reads like “who’s who.” You can enjoy this stunning mare in the show ring, and then retire her to raise gorgeous young foals for you. What a treasure this young Arabian mare is! $5500.00

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I Gotta Feeling CCF

Gorgeous purebred Arabian FILLY, 3 years old coming 4-Shes trained to ride, still needs some time in the saddle, but she does walk, trot canter..GORGEOUS Filly .. PM me for price to a great home only! Very reasonably priced..Sired by Persuasion out of a Mamage daughter.. I just love her looks and boy can she move!!! She is safely started under saddle.. Fun to ride!! 

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Arabian gelding that is just dripping gorgeous. He stands at 15 hands and as the pictures show he is well started with his training. He is currently lounging, wears a saddle and is ready to continue his training with his new owner. He is well suited (once his training is complete) for endurance or the showing. He has size and substance and is a beautiful mover. He is sired by Top To Halter Champion Midnight Zepher J.W. $1200

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Midnight Conductor
2011 Dark Dapple
Grey Gelding
This filly boasts some of the best bloodlines in both the performance world and the halter world. She is sired by Midnight Zepher JW a top 10 Halter stallion and out of A Major Afire daughter. As the photos show, Serenade is doing well with her training and is wearing a saddle and lounging. She shows great promise as an English Performance horse as she is a beautiful mover - We have been training her daily - and she is smart and a fast learner. She still needs more training, but we have given her a great start and her new family can continue with in the future. She is young but has the size and substance to do well with anyone who wants to continue with her. -$2500

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Midnight Serenade