Avatar Moon Storm

2008 Purebred Arabian Gelding



This Dripping gorgeous purebred Arabian gelding is such a showstopper! I Love his flashy four white feet and wide blaze with a flaxen mane. He’s just absolutely gorgeous! He’s a quality Arabian with huge soft eyes, typey head, and the perfect archy neck. He’s a big boy, stands 15.1 hands and he’s an absolute love!


He’s doing great undersaddle. He has been to one large show and he was named champion in a deep field of hunters. He has been first or second in every class shown. He’s such a king and levelheaded Arabian. He is bold moving and is unusually striking in the show ring with all his white. This is a one of a kind horse! He’s sweepstakes nominated and in show shape and ready to win for you.


He would also be great as an endurance Arabian as he has the size, bone, and substance to be a serious winner. Great minded young Arabian!