2014 Registered Half Arabian Colt

This is an amazing and going to be huge -registered 1/2 arabian Palomino! Sired by CA Ivory Gold..out of a mamage daughter! Who's who pedigree!! He stands at 15.2 hands! Hes gentle and easy to handle ..This young registered half arabian is as great minded as he is gorgeous! He just attended his first show (he is only just now 3 years old) and handled all the chaos with an easy that makes him seem as if he is years older.Some horses are just born great! In order to compete at open shows you must have a very calm and safe arabian! They must be able to handle all the noise of kids jumping in bleachers, baby carriages and a general loud party type atmosphere.. They must stand quietly with other horses and be extremely quiet and disciplined..He was in the ribbons with deep competion!Gary was competing and beating far more expierenced horses.. With such large classes its rare to ribbon in these shows with a young inexperienced mount.. GARY was consistently in the ribbons and ended up with a second in a large class..We couldnt be prouder.. LOOK at all the horses and the out door area that he handled like a pro.. He is only 3 years old and wow we can't wait to take him to the Class A shows.. GARY is available for purchase, located in the Dallas texas area.. Heis 15.3 hands tall and just now 3 years old.. This is a horse you can purchase with confidence.He has no issues, no vises and no problems of any kind..Born, raised and trained at Legacy Arabians! Gary is now a gelding! www.legacyarabians.com has more pics and new video coming soon..www.legacyarabians.com has a huge sale going on! All rare colors and dripping gorgeous.