Legacy ButtercupBucks

2019 Registered Half Arabian

Buckskin Pinto Filly

Sweepstakes Nominated

Everyone seems to adore the buckskin pinto that we breed. “Buttercup” has hit the genetic jackpot as she has all the color and the pinto pattern! I love that she has so much buckskin color and her pinto markings look like white icing that is drizzled on a cake! She is lovely and HUGE. Did I mention huge?
She is in daily training now, and is showing us an extremely calm relaxed manner. We have been getting requests for horses before they hit the higher dollars that training adds to the price.
She wore a saddle the very first time we showed it to her. She handles everything so well, and really with very little concern or worry. She lunges, loads and seems to be a no drama girl! We will continue to add pictures to this post about her as she comes along in her training.
We are very proud of Buttercup! We often have multiple families looking at our horses and typically if I feel happy with the home they sell quickly. I will not place her (or any of our horses) just to "sell" Buttercup is available to a wonderful home that will keep training her for her future. I believe she is well suited for most any discipline. Western, working western, jumping, endurance, trail… this is a great young Arabian.

Priced in the higher 4 figures and her training continues until she is placed.


To Inquire about Buttercup Please Call/Text 972-679-5720

Buttercup is located in the Dallas, Texas Area