Tamar Dracarys

2017 Registered

Half Arabian Filly


I am so very proud to show you Tamar Dracarys! I have a RARE treasure to share with those of you that watch my posts for a great family Arabian! This is one of the sweetest young Arabians anyone could hope for! I was so fortunate to visit Tamar Arabians and I watched this young mare work. She really impressed me.
It takes a huge amount of time to stop and show horses. I appreciate the kindness shown by the Tamar Team. I watched as this unusually kind young filly was being worked as I was very impressed by her. She seemed so quiet and level headed. She loved the attention she was receiving from her rider and was trying so very hard to please. She was effortlessly performing all required gaits and picking up correct leads quickly. She could work a basic figure 8 pattern with a good strong lead change. You can imagine my surprise, when I asked about this lovey young filly! She is only 3 years old. She is unusually calm TRUSTING and VERY CONFIDENT- She is shown barefoot and is about 14.3 hands with a short hoof. I would expect her to mature at 15.2 hands as she is big bodied and only 3 years old. Lots of growing time left. She could easily be taller! When it was all said and done, she went home with me! I am trilled to show her to you and yes she will be available. I have so many people looking for exactly what she is!
When I evaluate a horse, the most important and useful works are the very first time she works in new arenas or areas. It's imperative to see how the horse will react to stress and let's face it, a new place has everything that will startle a young horse. The mark of a great horse is to handle everything new, with confidence and be able to still listen and trust the rider. The photographs you are seeing in this post are very FIRST time seeing these obstacles in a BRAND new environment! I am so very impressed with this filly. She is a future superstar!
I never know where my young horses will end up showing. There are so many folks looking for ranch riding, endurance, western dressage, trail, sport horse- with a GREAT minded individual, the opportunities are truly limitless! We have a huge shortage of Arabians that are young, strong, sound, trained and great minded! Tamar Dracarys is one of the best I have seen in a long time! Remember as you look thru these pictures. FIRST WORK on a new farm. NEVER seeing any of these obstacles. First Ride with a new rider. Three years old! National caliber breeding. She NEVER said NO. She never spooked. Perfectly sound, no issues. A temperament and kindness that you would expect from a much older Horse. SERIOUSLY, it doesn’t get any better than this lovely registered (pending) Half Arabian. I am so impressed!