Legacy Flames Fame

2015 Registered Purebred Arabian

Chestnut Filly

Got to brag on this sweet filly" Legacy Flames Fame" She will be a superstar in whatever division you wish to show! She is GREAT minded, adores people and has a work ethic that is truly unbelievable. Since I know pictures can tell the true story, take a moment and look at what she can do at the ripe age of 2 and a half. Remember this when folks say crazy arabians.. For you folks looking for a prospect to purchase, how many have you looked at that can do all she does at her young age! YES, you will pay more for her than an untrained horse, but its so worth it knowing what you get! We train for sound minded arabians here at Legacy Arabians. I have been training and raising arabians for decades and I am REALLY tired of seeing of young horses mentally fried. WE all know how difficult it is to find these great young horses. She is sired by a National Champion- FLAME ISON and out of a National champion Daughter -Pyro Thyme SA
This kind of arabian is born with the right kind of attitude! Its our job to nurture her and bring her to maturity without stressing her young mind. She is exquisite and conformationally correct. She is a head hunters dream with her exotic tiny head and beautiful well tipped ears. She has been handled and worked with all her life.. I think that is priceless. She was bred, born, raised and trained at Legacy Arabians. She is sweepstakes nominated and will be ready to show when she turns 3. She already does a small trail course . If you want a great minded strong horse with absolutely a great mind and work ethic..then this is your girl! She is a treasure! Located in the Dallas Texas area. She is a registered purebred arabian.