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Legacy Goldie Locks
2021 Registered Pinto
Palomino Arabian Cross Filly

Legacy Goldie Locks - She truly is the golden child. Look at her ride today! She out did most every other horse we rode today! She’s soft, not pushy and seeks the comfort of your “zone”. She can feel when you are happy with her and that’s truly when she rises to the occasion. That’s what I call an old soul youngster. She seeks and uses your confidence. She reaches towards the connection. So so special. I am not certain you all can understand my words without experiencing her. Those of you that have had this connection understand me well. Watch her videos. You can see it if you look closely. Here is a golden filly you can purchase with all the confidence in the world. She will be that” once in a lifetime horse.
I really like this filly! She’s a great one to let grow up another year and she will be big enough to train to ride in her late two year old year. She already lunges and wears surcingle. She will be perfect to breed to a purebred arabian and raise golden half arabian foals.

To inquire about Goldie Locks please Call/Text 972-679-5720

Goldie is located in the Dallas Texas area

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