WC Mont Blanc

2016 Purebred Arabian

Bay Gelding

Sweepstakes Nominated


WC Mont Blanc - 2016 Gorgeous and very trained purebred arabian- Sweepstakes Nominated Bay Gelding.

“MONTY “ Charisma plus describes this exotic purebred arabian!  He has an amazing, kind attitude, and so much TALENT!  You could search and search and not find another beauty like this! He has every single attribute that Arabian lovers want! He’s very trained, loaded with talent and has pedigree that is loaded with champions! He was born to be Great and he destined to be a heart horse for his new family. Monty has been trained on the trails and in arena work. He is ready to start a show career and has the training to easily take his owner to the winners circle. I love that he has the talent to do almost any discipline and would be excellent in all the western divisions, as well as hunter pleasure and working western. He has a solid foundation and walks, trot and lopes with good lead departs and headset. He is fun and enthusiastic about people and ADORES attention. DID I mention how beautiful he is? Beautiful head, on a long well shaped neck, that will easily have him noticed in the show ring.  Monty has a happy way going and his look at me attitude make him a winner! VERY difficult to find this quality for this price!  So many options for a family that is wanting to get into the sport of riding!

AHR - 671012