Legacy NotherBucknBlond

2019 Registered Half Arabian

Buckskin Filly

Sweepstakes Nominated

This half Arabian filly is just jaw dropping gorgeous. She exudes quality and above all kindness! There are so many attributes this young girl has that speak to me. It is her kind easy going attitude that shows me she will be one of “those” Arabians we always look for. She loves attention, and goes about her “work” with a confidence that is beyond her young years. She tries so very hard. She may not always get it right, but she never says no. She’s a happy camper. She trusts her handler to know and do what’s right. She has never had any reason not to trust as she is a Filly that was bred, birthed and trained at Legacy Arabians. She was born into my arms. The commitment we as trainers have, shows in the stunning girl!
All the beauty AND the color! She’s a beautiful silver Buckskin. I love her enormous expressive eyes! Her dam is Shabaska Thyme, going to Pryme Thyme. She comes from a long line of doing horses with great work ethics!
As you look thru the pictures, we emphasize that due to her young age she is barely actually under saddle more that 10 minutes a day. She isn’t lounged into exhaustion or worked to tiredness. She is saddled, moved around for a couple of minutes and then she is mounted and expected to learn and behave. She is coming 3 years of ages she would be great for anyone looking for a futurity prospect. She has been handled all her life. She is an exquisite mover, and is smooth and easy to ride and mount.
We are very proud of “Abby”! We often have multiple families looking at our horses and typically if I feel happy with the home they sell quickly. I will not place her (or any of our horses) just to “sell "Abby" is available to a wonderful home that will keep training her for her future. I believe she is well suited for most any discipline. Western, working western, jumping, endurance, trail… this is a great young Arabian.

Priced in the low 5 figures and her training continues until she is placed.
No vices, health issues or problems.


To Inquire about Abby Please Call/Text 972-679-5720

Abby is located in the Dallas, Texas Area