Poco Flying Bandit

Registered Paint APHA

Bandit is a lovely Black and White homozygous Registered Paint with APHA. 15 years young! She is a nice mare that is easy to work with. She spent the majority of her adult life just hanging out in the pasture from a past client of mine. She came in with a group of horses that we have been working with. Bandit has been saddled and is being ridden. She does act like she has been trained sometime in the past. Since we are primarily an Arabian farm we don't know too much about her except she is homozygous pinto and out of 2 black and white pinto (paint) parents. She is probably homozygous black as well. She should be a great genetic find as a broodmare and she does ride as our pictures show. She would need a refresher course in riding consistently, however she is very sound seems easy to get along with.