Tamar Questionable Intentions

2011 Registered Half Arabian

Chestnut Gelding


TamarQuestionableIntentions, aka "RED” - registration is pending. Beautiful, bright, and bold describes this lovely nine-year-old chestnut half arabian gelding with four white socks and a beautiful blaze. This is a big fancy boy with lots of substance and just the right amount of forward to make him a pleasure to ride. His movement is balanced and cadenced and is the right amount of motion to always be noticed as one of those beautiful happy movers. He is responsive and very well trained with a soft easy jog that will work well for almost any Western division. Yet one allowed to move forward he has a beautiful cadence movement that will make him do well in any hunter division. He’s a horse that is hard to find because he can do whatever his new owner enjoys doing. I really enjoy his personality as he would rather be with his human and truly has a love me please, attitude that makes him a joy to be with. He keeps me smiling. 

 The video clip impresses me, so as I show you the clip, let me share my thoughts about Red and what he does right! Josie just hopped right up on this very cold and windy day. You can tell he really wants to move on forward and wants to play, yet he is very respectful and keeps it cautious and careful, as she asks. He makes a mistake at the end of the clip and I dont edit mistakes out. You need to see that he handles the correction and settles down and does as she asks. He has a charismatic look to him with his ears perked forward and he is clearly listening and trying. He has substance and even though he's a powerful big boy, he shows you his balanced movement. I believe he is well suited for most anyone that can ride as shown here in the video.

His registration paperwork is pending at the registry as somehow he was missed in the paperwork process. This is being corrected as we speak. He is sired by a veteran show Arabian Mais Shah, who was a multiple Region 9 Champion. His dam is

TAMARQUESTIONABLELADY - another veteran of the show ring! She has too many wins to post, but she has multiple national top 10's in hunter pleasure as well as regional Championship wins in Halter. She also was a lovely western pleasure mare, and I can see how she could be so versatile, as her son shows a slinky jog, as well as his lovely trot! Red has something special about him that makes you sit up and take notice. His charisma and happy attitude make him an easy pick in the show ring as he is a good minded Arabian with a great attitude and work ethic.