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Legacy RRavishing

2012 Purebred Arabian Mare

Champion in Country & Show Hack

Sweepstakes Nominated

Available! Legacy RAVISHING! Purebred Country English.. or english pleasure.. She is 10 years old and again.. bred, birthed, raised and trained by me..I am so tired of mentally FRIED YOUNG HORSES! I am DONE with this method of training. So I have raised mine to be sane and safe.. they begin training at day one.. They are haltered as newborns and lead to pastures.. they learn to load and clip and bath as weanlings.. I have one of the best cowboys ever with them as yearlings.. they are worked with ..with ropes, tarps,  and they get completely used to things being on them and around them.. when they are 18 months they longline.. and they can handle this.. mentally strong horses..this is what I want..physically sound horses.. no stress.. no push.. just learn to be a confident good citizen.. When they are about 3 years old.. they are ridden.. but they are so ready for it.. again.. handled and worked with all their lives.. RAVISHING is a SWEETHEART! Nothing about her is stressed.. she is built to do what she does.. she is the COOLEST, forward and CONFIDENT young filly ever!! Please pardon my kind cowboy that is riding her.. He’s not a country rider.. but he sure gets the idea and shows her that its "all good" in the big world with no arenas" SHE is happy and it shows!.. AGAIN natural movement.. no hind shoes yet.. front plates only! She a fancy dancer!!! Dallas Texas area ..WE WILL SELL THEM..

Call/Text Kathie at 972-679-5720

Major heard reduction in progress now..

Located in Dallas Texas

**Private Treaty**

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