Smokey Eyes

2018 Registered Half Arabian

Black Mare

 All my working western fans, Look at what I am offering today! It's everything I can do to let her go! So thrilled to show you Smokey Eyes- A BLACK REGISTERED 1/2 arabian, sired By Multi national Champion DIESEL SMOKE!  “Smokey” is 3 years old and lightly started under saddle. I LOVE HER TEMPERAMENT, really I love everything about her! She’s level headed and beautiful and she has what it takes to be a GREAT one! I love great minded mares. In a world showing us a huge shortage of good minded young horses, this mare can win for you for years, and then reproduce herself! To me that’s a huge win win!
  I am known for telling it like it is- She’s young, she’s green, but she walks trots canters under saddle. SHE NEEDS MILES and TIME. BUT SHE WILL WIN! She has the right attitude and all talent! I am riding her now, and putting her over simple poles and she handles it all. I am so impressed. I am also known for great Junior horses. She is sweepstakes nominated and will do so well in the working western futurities! She is priced as she is today. Truly as fast as she learns, her price will go up every 2 weeks. You can buy her now reasonably and finish her out- or you can wait for me too finish her and kick yourself once again for not listening! I do love this mare!
She’s on the smaller side right now, but of course growing. She’s 14.2 hands at 3 years of age. SWEEPSTAKES nominated and sired by DIESEL SMOKE!

Priced at $7500

Call or Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to inquire about Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes is located in the Dallas, Texas Area