Legacy Whisky Lullaby

2014 Half Arabian Filly


Sometimes in life we get so lucky! Lullaby is just an amazing young filly! She has everything you could want in a horse! I am so impressed with her calm, easy attitude. You can always tell a great horse, as they train easily and love what they do! She goes over obstacles easily, doesn't stress..just takes everything in stride! YOU would NEVER think that she was born in 2014 and is only 4 years old! She is a beautiful mover..She will excel in almost in any discipline. who is going to be someones forever dream horse! Gorgeous mover with a floating trot and incredible strides, comfortable and very well trained. She is comfortable, soft, supple and nicely forward. Tries so hard to please and do what you want! Her attitude is priceless.. Lullaby can go to the show-ring with her dramatic color, or endurance, western, hunter, and working western.. She loves to be loved on and is one of those very special, once in a life time horses! Her loud Buckskin pinto markings make her a showstopper! She is about 15.1 hands now and should mature as a large mare!