Purebred Arabian

This purebred Arabian Black BLACK mare sired by A multi championed Regional Halter Champion is just a correct as she can be.. Additionally she is so very safe to ride and TRAINED! She is a very quiet mare.. unusually so.. I would put almost anyone on this gorgeous girl.. She is comfy and safe to ride..with no issues.. really she’s my choice to ride when I am looking for that easy easy ride.. she rarely spooks and has a kindness about her that is VERY difficult to find.. this mare was just born sweet ,calm and gentle..EVERYONE is looking for a Arabian like this.. AND SHE IS BLACK! Sired by BLACK! This Arabian is a NO BRAINER for someone looking for the gentle horse to ride out on the trails or take to a show.. Her name is ZUM ZUM.. she is 9 years old and registered..Located in the Dallas Texas area.. So many exquisite beauties available.. They are selling FAST! text me and tell me what you are looking for.. we cant possibly list them all but we are trying.. about 20 more will be sold...

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Dallas, Texas

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