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Legacy Mosiac Designs
2018 Homozygous Black
& Homozygous Pinto
Arabian Saddlebred Cross Filly

This gorgeous filly is truly a rare genetic cross. There are a handful of horses that are homozygous black and pinto. This means she will produce pinto to every foal she produces and all her foals will be black when bred to black! She cannot produce a chestnut foal, no matter what stallion she is bred to! As you can see, she is absolutely stunning. She has an exceptional clam and easy temperament and is a complete love. I love the way she moves. She will excel in almost any division that you choose to continue her training. We have handled her daily and the pictures don’t show all that she can do!

Call/Text 972-679-5720 to inquire about this filly!

Located in the Dallas, Texas area

**Private Treaty**

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