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Definitions of Information Posted on LegacyArabians:
  • 1. Arabian/Cross - We usually register these horses with the Pinto Registry. They will have arabian blood but will not be registered as 1/2 arabian (IAHA)
  • 2. Registered IAHA 1/2 Arabian - One parent is a purebred arabian and horse is registered half arabian
  • 3. ASHA - American Saddlebred Horse Association - Purebred Saddlebred
  • 4. Homozygous Pinto - All offspring produced by this horse will be Tobiano/Pinto
  • 5. Homozygous - Dilute - All offspring of this horse will be Dilute(Palomino or Buckskin or smoky Black) when bred to any color except gray
  • 6. Registered 1/2 Arabian cannot be homozygous pinto or homozygous dilute
  • 7. Homozygous Black - All offspring will be black when bred to black: cannot produce Chestnut
KA SAVINA - T.jpeg

KA Savina
2021 Reg Purebred Arabian
Bay Filly


Mi Toscah KA
2021 Reg Purebred Arabian
Bay Filly

Buckle Bunny.jpeg

Legacy Buckle Bunny
2024 Pending Reg Pinto
Buckskin Pinto Filly
*Pending Sale*


Legacy Anomaly
2015 Arabian Cross
Cremello Stallion

Girlie Girl

Girlie Girl SF
2019 Registered Half Arabian
Chestnut Mare


Legacy Dark Nite Secrets
Pending Pinto Reg

Fheiry Tale

Fheiry Tale OHS
2019 Purebred Arabian
Bay Mare


Legacy Blackstar
2021 Reg. Half Arabian
Black Gelding

Believen Magic

Legacy BelievenMagic
2021 Reg. Half Arabaian
Palomino Filly

Tangled Gold

Legacy Tangled Golden
2010 American Saddlebred
Palomino Pinto Mare
*In Foal to MidntePleasureL*


CA Grab Your Boots
Reg Half Arabian
Bay Gelding

Reserve Champion in Sport Horse
Reserve Champion in Trail


Legacy SpellboundAndBlack
Registered Pinto
Cross Colt
Now UnderSaddle


Legacy SpottedBeingNaughty

Registered Pinto

2019 Arabian Cross


Legacy Spellbound and Spotted

Registered Saddlebred

2019 Arabian Cross


Legacy Mosaic

2018 Homozygous Black

& Homozygous Pinto

Arabian Saddlebred Cross Filly

Legacy Outrageous
Registered American Saddlebred Perlino Stallion
1541F-177-18US williams.jpg
Legacy Fire Dammage
2012 Purebred Arabian Gelding
4x National Championship
19, '20, '22, & '23 
4x Reserve National Champions
Kiss the Cowboy
2014 Perlino Filly
CSP Mamazing
2001 Purebred Arabian
Chestnut Mare
Lilith D
1998 Broodmare
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