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Legacy Spellbound and Black

Registered Pinto

Saddlebred/Arabian Cross Colt

Now UnderSaddle

4 year old BIG Arabian Saddlebred Cross.
Legacy Picasso x Legacy High Design- Black and white Homozygous black Homozygous Tobiano pinto intact colt.
Ethereal and exotic describes this exotic young stallion.
His barn name is “Spell” and he is an absolutely AMAZING young beauty! He has always seemed like an old soul. He watches all that happens around him and he is quiet and laid back for such a young boy! This is the type of Arabian/saddlebred that everyone wants but can never find! We are breeders and we have several of these beautiful creatures, so it's OK for you to come and give him a great home.
Spellbound is well under saddle and truly is smooth and so very easy to ride. He’s calm and enjoys his time under saddle. He is an exquisite mover, and is smooth and easy to ride and mount. He is one of those rare stallions that can be ridden and enjoyed, yet stay a breeding horse as well. If you decide you want to have him gelded, this will be an easy process as he is young and has never bred a mare.
We are very proud of "Spell"! We often have multiple families looking at our horses and typically if I feel happy with the home they sell quickly. I will not place him (or any of our horses) just to "sell".
He has no issues, vices or problems.
He just needs time and attention to complete his journey and is well on his way to be a superstar!
Priced at $16,500 USD with retained breeding rights.
Call or Text Kathie at 972-679-5720 to inquire about Spell
Spell is located in the Dallas, Texas Area

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